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    Dragonfly Plus Model: Reorg, Indent, Styling Fix · e602f6bc
    Neil McGlohon authored
    Long term development of large files often leads to many
    developers contributing bits and pieces. This leaves the
    source code vulnerable to fragmented code style and
    inconsistend indentation, spacing, etc.
    The orignal Dragonfly model was no exception. Dragonfly Plus
    is so similar to the original dragonfly model that it made more
    sense to clone the entire model and then adjust its behavior
    to match Dragonfly Plus specifications. This meant, however that
    whatever styling issues existed in the original Dragonfly will
    also exist in the subsequent version.
    Developers are often hesitant to adjust styling of lines that
    they did not write, lest they be git blamed for the code itself.
    But since I copied and pasted the original dragonfly custom source
    code into a new file, I'm already git blamed for everything. So I
    can reformat the entire file without modifying ownership of any
    lines of code since I'm already the technical owner of them...
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