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    config overhaul + annotation-aware mapping · 4e19d940
    Jonathan Jenkins authored
    All configuration now proceeds on a per-LP level, and requires separate
    registration and configuration calls, as seen in the test programs.
    model_net_set_params is no longer used, and is replaced by model_net_register
    and model_net_configure. The dragonfly network, having two LP types bundled in
    the same code-path, is special-cased in the registration code.
    LP-mapping in model-net now has the following defaults:
    - counts via codes_mapping_get_lp_count are now with respect to the calling
      network LP's annotation.
    - when looking up network LPs via
      codes_mapping_get_lp_info/codes_mapping_get_lp_id, the annotation of the
      calling network LP is used. Hence, routing now occurs only between LPs of the
      same annotation. If the destination LP's group specified by model_net_*event
      does not contain a modelnet LP with the same annotation as the modelnet LP in
      the sender's group, then an error will occur (in codes_mapping).
    Known Issues:
    - modelnet users currently cannot specify which modelnet LP to use in the case
      of multiple modelnet LPs in the sender's group. This will be fixed in future
      commits after a consensus is reached on the best way to expose this