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    Update all usage of "server" lp to "nw-lp" · 71f2692b
    Neil McGlohon authored
    Update all usage of "server" lp to "nw-lp"
    This change is made for consistency across all configuration files
    and workload generators in core CODES. Where older models and versions
    of CODES utilized the "server" identifier to specify the number of
    server LPs per modelnet group repetition, newer models and
    configurations utilized the less paradigm specific "nw-lp" identifier.
    This shift slightly fractured the codebase and led to confusion when
    running similar/same configurations across different network models.
    Specifically, this change converts all usage of the "server" identifier
    to the "nw-lp" identifier. All tests, existing default configuration
    files, and models have been updated to use the "nw-lp" identifier for
    the workload server LPs. Some docs and readmes have been updated as well
    to no longer instruct new users to use the "server" identifier.
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