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    Update command line options for the codes workload mpi-replay tool · 58d6df4b
    Shane Snyder authored
    Modify the mpi-replay tool (located at tests/workload) to spit out
    verbose information on each event it replays, if user specifies
    -v option. Also, modify the mpi-replay tool to perform no-ops for
    each replayed event, if user specifies --noop option. The replay
    tool should function properly for all workload types now.
    TODO: The tool should offer functionality for initializing the context
    of the output replay directory. That is, the tool should first scan
    the given workload and create all files and preallocate space for all
    I/O ops in the workload. Currently, the replay tool will fail on any
    files that are not explicitly created by the workload.
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