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1- Torus model integration, possible additions:
- Allow some compute nodes to be idle (not mapped to a server) i.e. we can specify any number of server and torus nodes that we want in the config file. 
The torus configuration parameters should set an upper bound on the number of servers/compute nodes.
- Change the buffer overflow message? May be allow a slowed down packet injection rate if the buffer overflows and report the average injection rate at the
end of the simulation.
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2- Mapping:
- Update the mapping code to handle remainder (where number of ROSS LPs are not evenly divisible by the number of PEs).
- Make the mem_factor argument configurable in the codes mapping file (used for g_tw_events_per_pe). 
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- Remove the group id and type id arguments from get_lp_info function.


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Make the model-net test case running for two different types of networks?
- Use the I/O activity trace logs from BG/Q and BG/P for I/O modelling.