Commit f41cccbc authored by Shane Snyder's avatar Shane Snyder
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get regression tests working on cori

parent b4f28704
if [ "$NERSC_HOST" == "cori" ]; then
# submit job and wait for it to return
sbatch --wait -N 1 -t 10 -p debug --output $DARSHAN_TMP/$$-tmp.out --error $DARSHAN_TMP/$$-tmp.err $DARSHAN_TESTDIR/$DARSHAN_PLATFORM/ "$@"
sbatch --wait -N 1 -t 10 -p debug $NODE_CONSTRAINTS --output $DARSHAN_TMP/$$-tmp.out --error $DARSHAN_TMP/$$-tmp.err $DARSHAN_TESTDIR/$DARSHAN_PLATFORM/ "$@"
# exit with return code of this job submission
exit $?
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