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update changelog for darshan-3.1.5-pre1

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Darshan Release Change Log
* modify Darshan MPI instrumentation method to intercept both MPI and
PMPI symbols to workaround MPI implementations that are calling
PMPI routines directly (e.g., the Fortran bindings of OpenMPI2).
Contributed in part by Chris Zimmer.
* add a new python utility for analzying DXT trace files (dxt_analyzer).
Contributed by Alex Sim.
* bug fix to disable Darshan module instrumentation after the
Darshan shutdown procedure has began, an issue that was
leading to negative timers in some cases
* bug fix for autoconf ignoring specified libbz2 location. Contributed
by Glenn Lockwood.
* add regression tests harnesses for Cray systems at ALCF & NERSC
* add support for DARSHAN_EXCLUDE_DIRS environment variable to
explicitly disable instrumentation for files in given
directories. Contributed by Cristian Simarro.
* bug fix to prevent darshan-parser segfault when parsing logs with
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