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updated ChangeLog for all 3.1.3-pre contributions

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......@@ -4,6 +4,16 @@ Darshan Release Change Log
* add new DxT instrumentation modules to provide fine-grained read/write
operation tracing at both the POSIX and MPI-IO layers
- this functionality should be enabled at runtime by exporting the
DXT_ENABLE_IO_TRACE environment variable
- trace output is stored within Darshan's traditional log file format
- a corresponding trace parser (darshan-dxt-parser) is offered within
darshan-util to allow the DxT trace modules to be parsed and displayed
- this software was contributed by Cong Xu and Intel's HPDD division.a
* add logic to allow Darshan to capture command line arguments from Fortran
applications (contributed by Cristian Simarro)
* skip instrumentation attempts for anonymous mmap() calls; this avoids a
potentential deadlock condition when used with hugepages on Cray systems.
Reported by Glenn Lockwood and Cristian Simarro.
......@@ -15,6 +25,10 @@ Darshan-3.1.3-pre1
vary the wrapper prototypes to match the corresponding HDF5 library ABI.
The initial patch for HDF5 1.10 compatibility was contributed by
Karl-Ulrich Bamberg.
* modified Darshan's path exclusion logic to include a whitelist to prevent
I/O to/from Cray's Datawarp service from being filtered out (it is located
within the /var directory, which historically has been excluded). Reported
by Glenn Lockwood.
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