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document profiling conf file method on BG

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......@@ -153,6 +153,7 @@ the darshan-enabled MPI compiler scripts.
=== Using a profile configuration
The MPICH MPI implementation supports the specification of a profiling library
configuration, then it can be used to insert Darshan instrumentation without
modifying the existing MPI compiler script. Example profiling configuration
......@@ -185,6 +186,7 @@ mpif90 -profile=$DARSHAN_PREFIX/share/mpi-profile/darshan-f <args>
=== Using customized compiler wrapper scripts
For MPICH-based MPI libraries, such as MPICH1, MPICH2, or MVAPICH,
custom wrapper scripts can be generated to automatically include Darshan
instrumentation. The following example illustrates how to produce
......@@ -283,10 +285,21 @@ than the login node. The `--host` argument is used to force cross-compilation
of Darshan. The `CC` variable is set to point to a stock MPI compiler.
Once Darshan has been installed, use the `darshan-gen-*.pl` scripts as
described earlier in this document to produce darshan-enabled MPI compilers.
This method has been widely used and tested with both the GNU and IBM XL
Once Darshan has been installed, you can use one of the static
instrumentation methods described earlier in this document. If you
use the profiling configuration file method, then please note that the
Darshan installation includes profiling configuration files that have been
adapted specifically for the Blue Gene environment. Set the following
environment variables to enable them, and then use your normal compiler
scripts. This method is compatible with both GNU and IBM compilers.
Blue Gene profiling configuration example:
export MPICC_PROFILE=$DARSHAN_PREFIX/share/mpi-profile/darshan-bg-cc
export MPICXX_PROFILE=$DARSHAN_PREFIX/share/mpi-profile/darshan-bg-cxx
export MPICF77_PROFILE=$DARSHAN_PREFIX/share/mpi-profile/darshan-bg-f
export MPICF90_PROFILE=$DARSHAN_PREFIX/share/mpi-profile/darshan-bg-f
=== Cray platforms (XE, XC, or similar)
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