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## Quick Start
$ cd darshan-serial/darshan-runtime
$ autoreconf -ivf
$ ./configure --with-log-path-by-env=PWD --with-jobid-env=RANDOM --with-mem-align=8 --disable-mpiio-mod --disable-stdio-mod --disable-pnetcdf-mod --disable-dxt-mod --disable-bgq-mod --disable-lustre-mod --without-mpi CC=gcc
$ make
This will install serial Darshan in darshan-serial/install. Then to use it,
$ LD_PRELOAD=/path/to/darshan-serial/darshan-runtime/lib/ DARSHAN_ENABLE_NONMPI=1 ./path/to/my.exe
Your `my.exe` will run and create a Darshan log in `$PWD`. Regular old
`darshan-parser` can be used to parse the logfile.
## Non-MPI Darshan
This repository contains a version of Darshan that supports profiling in the
absence of MPI at either runtime or compile time. It can be built in two ways:
1. **With MPI**, but capable of profiling non-MPI applications if linked against
them. This is useful if a single build should work with both MPI and non-MPI
2. **Without MPI** and capable of only profiling non-MPI applications. This is
useful for building Darshan on systems that simply don't have MPI at all.
At present, mode #2 only supports the POSIX module. All other modules should be
disabled at configure-time using:
./configure --disable-mpiio-mod \
--disable-stdio-mod \
--disable-pnetcdf-mod \
--disable-bgq-mod \
--disable-lustre-mod \
--disable-dxt-mod \
--without-mpi \
Then to profile an application,
Do _not_ define `DARSHAN_ENABLE_NONMPI=1` globally, as this will create Darshan
logs for _everything_ including basic commands like `ls`.
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