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update darshan-util docs to note possibility of -1 in statistics values

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......@@ -149,7 +149,9 @@ case, the value of the counter represents an aggregate across all processes. The
`<file name hash>` is a 64 bit hash of the file path/name that was opened. It
is used as a way to uniquely differentiate each file. The `<counter name>` is
the name of the statistic that the line is reporting, while the `<counter
value>` is the value of that statistic. The `<file name suffix>` shows the last
value>` is the value of that statistic. A value of -1 indicates that Darshan
was unable to collect statistics for that particular counter, and the value
should be ignored. The `<file name suffix>` shows the last
11 characters of the file name. The `<mount point>` is the mount point of the
file system that this file belongs to. The `<fs type>` is the type of file
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