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== Upgrading to Darshan 3.x from 2.x
Beginning with Darshan 3.0.0, Darshan has been rewritten to modularize its runtime environment
and log file format to simplify the addition of new I/O characterization data. The process of
compiling and installing the Darshan 3.x source code should essentially be identical to this
process on Darshan 2.x. Therefore, the installation recipes given in the previous section
should work irrespective of the Darshan version being used. Similarly, the manner in which
Darshan is used should be the same across versions -- the sections in this document regarding
Darshan link:darshan-runtime.html#_environment_preparation[environment preparation],
instrumenting link:darshan-runtime.html#_instrumenting_statically_linked_applications[statically
linked applications] and link:darshan-runtime.html#_instrumenting_dynamically_linked_applications[
dynamically linked applications], and using link:darshan-runtime.html#_runtime_environment_variables[
runtime environment variables] are equally applicable to both versions.
However, we do provide some suggestions and expectations for system administrators to keep in
mind when upgrading to Darshan 3.x:
* Log file compatibility was broken in the upgrade, and thus 3.x log utilities do not
work directly with logs generated by 2.x versions of Darshan (and vice versa).
- There is currently no tool for converting 2.x logs into the 3.x log format
* The darshan log file extension has been changed from `.darshan.gz` (or `.darshan.bz2` for
log files converted to use bzip2 compression) to `.darshan`
- A field in the Darshan log header is used to indicate whether a log is compressed using
libz or bzip2 compression.
* We encourage administrators to use the same log file directory for version 3.x as had been
used for version 2.x.
- Within this directory, the determination on which set of log utilities (version 2.x
or version 3.x) to use can be based on the file extension for a given log (as explained
== Runtime environment variables
The Darshan library honors the following environment variables to modify
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