Commit 2a96faf8 authored by Shane Snyder's avatar Shane Snyder
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cleanup darshan info messages

parent d37b412e
......@@ -1078,13 +1078,14 @@ static void darshan_get_exe_and_mounts(struct darshan_core_runtime *core,
if (my_rank == 0)
fprintf(stderr, "INFO: no system dir will be excluded\n");
fprintf(stderr, "Darshan info: no system dirs will be excluded\n");
if (my_rank == 0)
fprintf(stderr, "INFO: darshan will exclude these dirs: %s\n",env_exclusions);
fprintf(stderr, "Darshan info: the following system dirs will be excluded: %s\n",
string = strdup(env_exclusions);
i = 0;
/* get the comma separated number of directories */
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