Commit bffa8e57 authored by Shane Snyder's avatar Shane Snyder
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Update autoconf/automake to include darshan dependencies

Modifications to autotools to include necessary info for building
the darshan workload API. This API compiles fine, but the mpi replay
test is not linking properly with darshan library.
parent 267e91f0
...@@ -24,6 +24,5 @@ tests_workload_codes_workload_test_SOURCES = \ ...@@ -24,6 +24,5 @@ tests_workload_codes_workload_test_SOURCES = \
tests/workload/codes-workload-test-cn-lp.c \ tests/workload/codes-workload-test-cn-lp.c \
tests/workload/codes-workload-test-cn-lp.h tests/workload/codes-workload-test-cn-lp.h
tests_workload_codes_workload_mpi_replay_LDADD = $(testlib) ${ROSS_LIBS} tests_workload_codes_workload_mpi_replay_LDADD = $(testlib)
tests_workload_codes_workload_mpi_replay_LDFLAGS = ${ROSS_LDFLAGS}
tests_workload_codes_workload_mpi_replay_SOURCES = tests/workload/codes-workload-mpi-replay.c tests_workload_codes_workload_mpi_replay_SOURCES = tests/workload/codes-workload-mpi-replay.c
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