Commit 63751b09 authored by Caitlin Ross's avatar Caitlin Ross
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some debug info

parent 6c92a8b9
......@@ -112,13 +112,17 @@ void rb_svr_event_collect(svr_msg *m, tw_lp *lp, char *buffer)
memcpy(buffer, &type, sizeof(type));
if(type < 0 || type > 3)
tw_event *cev = (tw_event*)(m - 1);
char grp_name[64];
char src_lp_type_name[64];
char dest_lp_type_name[64];
char ann[64];
int grp_index, lp_type_idx, rid, offs;
codes_mapping_get_lp_info(cev->send_lp, grp_name, &grp_index, src_lp_type_name,
&lp_type_idx, ann, &rid, &offs);
codes_mapping_get_lp_info(lp->gid, grp_name, &grp_index, dest_lp_type_name,
&lp_type_idx, ann, &rid, &offs);
printf("dest: %s, recv_ts= %f, evtype: %d\n", dest_lp_type_name, tw_now(lp), type);
printf("src: %s, dest: %s, recv_ts= %f, evtype: %d\n", src_lp_type_name, dest_lp_type_name, tw_now(lp), m->svr_event_type);
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