Commit 8c38f5d6 authored by Philip Carns's avatar Philip Carns

bug fix to margo poll logic

- This change makes margo more aggressive in terms of when to busy spin.
  It will now do so any time other ULTs are present in the same progress
  pool (whether runable or not) in case ULTs are resumed by an external
  resource and need to be executed promptly.
- Will still sleep gracefully for idle daemons and within blocking
  client calls when no explicit additional ULTs are in use.
parent 0eddf60c
......@@ -1216,14 +1216,21 @@ static void hg_progress_fn(void* foo)
ABT_pool_get_size(mid->progress_pool, &size);
/* Are there any other threads executing in this pool that are *not*
* blocked ? If so then, we can't sleep here or else those threads
* will not get a chance to execute.
* TODO: check is ABT_pool_get_size returns the number of ULT/tasks
* that can be executed including this one, or not including this one.
ABT_pool_get_total_size(mid->progress_pool, &size);
/* Are there any other threads in this pool that *might* need to
* execute at some point in the future? If so, then it's not
* necessarily safe for Mercury to sleep here in progress.
* NOTE: we use ABT_pool_get_total_size() rather than
* ABT_pool_get_size() because we need to account for suspended ULTs
* that could be resumed by an external resource (not Mercury) at
* some point. Otherwise we might stall.
if(size > 0)
/* TODO: if we knew how many ESes were drawing from this pool then
* this could be less aggressive. For now we assume this is the
* only ES that could be running those threads.
if(size > 1)
/* TODO: this is being executed more than is necessary (i.e.
* in cases where there are other legitimate ULTs eligible
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