1. 07 Aug, 2017 1 commit
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      Remove useless safedict class from erebor · b2bbc8d8
      Swann Perarnau authored
      SafeDict was used at some point to deal with multithreading issues.
      1) we don't need it in the current code.
      2) it has a slightly weird interface not matching typical dicts, which
      makes the code less readable.
      This commit removes the class, replacing the few variables using it with
      a regular dict, and changes the corresponding code points use the
      regular dict interface.
  2. 28 Jul, 2017 1 commit
  3. 26 Jul, 2017 2 commits
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      Move common files to Yggdrasil #12 · 1a4fac89
      lavocat authored
      To allow the creation of a new connector, we need to extract every
      uncesseray files/code from the isengard folder. This way, creating a new
      connector will be to provide an other isengard_like folder with only
      specif stuff.
    • Swann Perarnau's avatar
      Refactor the code to use singleton logging · 054e9122
      Swann Perarnau authored
      This is more in line with the way the logging module is meant to be
      We still need to create new objects in a few places (entry points) and
      propagate the config to newly created processes elsewhere.
      This is still missing module filtering that was working before. I will
      create a new issue for that.
      Closes #11
  4. 25 Jul, 2017 16 commits
  5. 24 Jul, 2017 8 commits
  6. 21 Jul, 2017 6 commits