Commit 41a91901 authored by Kamil Iskra's avatar Kamil Iskra

Improve formatting and commentary

parent b666f1c2
...@@ -65,9 +65,13 @@ class ContainerManager(object): ...@@ -65,9 +65,13 @@ class ContainerManager(object):
else: else:
argv = [] argv = []
# for now we place it within the container, but it's probably better # It would've been better if argo-perf-wrapper wrapped around
# if it's outside (so move it to NodeOSClient?) # argo-nodeos-config and not the final command -- that way it would
if hasattr(, 'perfwrapper') and hasattr(, 'enabled') and in ["1", "True"]: # be running outside of the container. However, because
# argo-nodeos-config is suid root, perf can't monitor it.
if hasattr(, 'perfwrapper'):
if hasattr(, 'enabled'):
if in ["1", "True"]:
argv.append('argo-perf-wrapper') argv.append('argo-perf-wrapper')
argv.append(command) argv.append(command)
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