Commit 08382fd6 authored by Valentin Reis's avatar Valentin Reis

[fix] power lowerbound comparison error

parent 5288d9be
......@@ -68,9 +68,9 @@ class DiscretizedPowerActuator(object):
pl = self.sensor_manager.get_powerlimits()"BanditPowerActuator: power limits %r", pl)
maxW = int(pl[[k for k,i in pl.items()][0]]['maxW'])
if maxW > self.lowerboundwatts:
if maxW < self.lowerboundwatts:
logger.error( "BanditPowerActuator: The provided power lowerbound is"\
"lower than the available maximum CPU wattage.")
"higher than the available maximum CPU wattage.")
arms = [self.lowerboundwatts + (float(a)*rangeW/float(self.k)) for a in range(1,self.k+1)]"BanditPowerActuator: discretized power limits: %r:", arms)
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