Commit d019a890 authored by Srinivasan Ramesh's avatar Srinivasan Ramesh Committed by Swann Perarnau
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Fix hang issue

parent 7a953c62
......@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@ class Daemon(object):
# Publish the power values so that GRM can pick it up
nrm_topic = "23.45"
self.nrm_publish_sock.send("%s %s" % (nrm_topic, str(total_power)))"Sending power values: " + str(total_power))"Sending power values: " + "%s %s" % (nrm_topic, str(total_power)))
# Subcribe to the topic for new power allocations published by the GRM
# = random.randrange(0, 34)
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