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[feature] add messaging layer for upstream API

Abstracts away the exact wire format and client/server details, while
changing the RPC side to work over ROUTER/DEALER sockets, as to avoid
the lost messages issues we've been having with PUB/SUB for RPC.
parent d384712c
from collections import namedtuple
import json
import logging
import uuid
import zmq
import zmq.utils
import zmq.utils.monitor
from zmq.eventloop import zmqstream
# basestring support
except NameError:
basestring = str
logger = logging.getLogger('nrm')
# list of APIs supported by this messaging layer. Each message is
# indexed by its intended api user and the type of the message, along with
# basic field type information.
APIS = ['up_rpc_req', 'up_rpc_rep', 'up_pub']
MSGFORMATS = {k: {} for k in APIS}
MSGFORMATS['up_rpc_req'] = {'list': {},
'run': {'manifest': basestring,
'path': basestring,
'args': list,
'container_uuid': basestring},
'kill': {'container_uuid': basestring},
'setpower': {'limit': basestring},
MSGFORMATS['up_rpc_rep'] = {'start': {'container_uuid': basestring,
'errno': int,
'pid': int,
'power': dict},
'list': {'payload': list},
'stdout': {'container_uuid': basestring,
'payload': basestring},
'stderr': {'container_uuid': basestring,
'payload': basestring},
'exit': {'container_uuid': basestring,
'status': basestring,
'profile_data': dict},
'getpower': {'limit': basestring},
MSGFORMATS['up_pub'] = {'power': {'total': int, 'limit': float}}
# Mirror of the message formats, using namedtuples as the actual transport
# for users of this messaging layer.
MSGTYPES = {k: {} for k in APIS}
for api, types in MSGFORMATS.items():
tname = "msg_{}_".format(api)
MSGTYPES[api] = {k: namedtuple(tname+k, sorted(['api', 'type'] + v.keys()))
for k, v in types.items()}
def wire2msg(wire_msg):
"""Convert the wire format into a msg from the available MSGTYPES."""
fields = json.loads(wire_msg)
assert 'api' in fields
api = fields['api']
assert api in MSGFORMATS
valid_types = MSGFORMATS[api]
assert 'type' in fields
mtype = fields['type']
assert mtype in valid_types
# format check
fmt = valid_types[mtype]
for key in fields:
if key in ['api', 'type']:
assert key in fmt, "%r missing from %r" % (key, fmt)
assert isinstance(fields[key], fmt[key]), \
"type mismatch for %r: %r != %r" % (key, fields[key], fmt[key])
for key in fmt:
assert key in fields, "%r missing from %r" % (key, fields)
assert isinstance(fields[key], fmt[key]), \
"type mismatch for %r: %r != %r" % (key, fields[key], fmt[key])
mtuple = MSGTYPES[api][mtype]
return mtuple(**fields)
def msg2wire(msg):
"""Convert a message to its wire format (dict)."""
fields = msg._asdict()
return json.dumps(fields)
class UpstreamRPCClient(object):
"""Implements the message layer client to the upstream RPC API."""
def __init__(self, address):
self.address = address
self.uuid = str(uuid.uuid4())
self.zmq_context = zmq.Context()
self.socket = self.zmq_context.socket(zmq.DEALER)
self.socket.setsockopt(zmq.IDENTITY, self.uuid)
def wait_connected(self):
"""Creates a monitor socket and wait for the connect event."""
monitor = self.socket.get_monitor_socket()
while True:
msg = zmq.utils.monitor.recv_monitor_message(monitor)
logger.debug("monitor message: %r", msg)
if int(msg['event']) == zmq.EVENT_CONNECTED:
logger.debug("socket connected")
def sendmsg(self, msg):
"""Sends a message, including the client uuid as the identity."""
def recvmsg(self):
"""Receives a message."""
wire = self.socket.recv()
logger.debug("received message: %r", wire)
return wire2msg(wire)
class UpstreamRPCServer(object):
"""Implements the message layer server to the upstream RPC API."""
def __init__(self, address):
self.address = address
self.zmq_context = zmq.Context()
self.socket = self.zmq_context.socket(zmq.ROUTER)
def recvmsg(self):
"""Receives a message and returns it along with the client identity."""
frames = self.socket.recv_multipart()
logger.debug("received message: %r", frames)
assert len(frames) == 2
msg = wire2msg(frames[1])
return msg, str(frames[0])
def do_recv_callback(self, frames):
"""Receives a message from zmqstream.on_recv, passing it to a user
callback.""""receiving message: %r", frames)
assert len(frames) == 2
msg = wire2msg(frames[1])
assert self.callback
self.callback(msg, str(frames[0]))
def sendmsg(self, msg, client_uuid):
"""Sends a message to the identified client."""
logger.debug("sending message: %r to client: %r", msg, client_uuid)
self.socket.send_multipart([client_uuid, msg2wire(msg)])
def setup_recv_callback(self, callback):
"""Setup a ioloop-backed callback for receiving messages.""" = zmqstream.ZMQStream(self.socket)
self.callback = callback
class UpstreamPubServer(object):
"""Implements the message layer server for the upstream PUB/SUB API."""
def __init__(self, address):
self.address = address
self.zmq_context = zmq.Context()
self.socket = self.zmq_context.socket(zmq.PUB)
def sendmsg(self, msg):
"""Sends a message."""
logger.debug("sending message: %r", msg)
"""Tests for the Sensor module."""
import nrm
import nrm.messaging
import pytest
def upstream_rpc_client():
"""Fixture for a client handle on the upstream RPC API"""
return nrm.messaging.UpstreamRPCClient("ipc:///tmp/nrm-pytest-rpc")
def upstream_rpc_server():
"""Fixture for a server handle on the upstream RPC API"""
return nrm.messaging.UpstreamRPCServer("ipc:///tmp/nrm-pytest-rpc")
def upstream_pub_server():
"""Fixture for a server handle on the upstream PUB API"""
return nrm.messaging.UpstreamPubServer("ipc:///tmp/nrm-pytest-pub")
def dummy_msg():
"""Fixture for a dummy valid message."""
d = {'api': 'up_rpc_req', 'type': 'list'}
return nrm.messaging.MSGTYPES['up_rpc_req']['list'](**d)
def dummy_daemon():
class _daemon(object):
def __init__(self):
self.called = False
def callback(self, msg, client):
self.called = True
self.msg = msg
self.client = client
return _daemon()
def test_msg_convertion(dummy_msg):
m = dummy_msg
assert nrm.messaging.wire2msg(nrm.messaging.msg2wire(m)) == dummy_msg
def test_rpc_connection(upstream_rpc_client, upstream_rpc_server):
def test_rpc_send_recv(upstream_rpc_client, upstream_rpc_server, dummy_msg):
msg, client = upstream_rpc_server.recvmsg()
assert msg == dummy_msg
assert client == upstream_rpc_client.uuid
upstream_rpc_server.sendmsg(dummy_msg, client)
msg = upstream_rpc_client.recvmsg()
assert msg == dummy_msg
def test_rpc_server_callback(upstream_rpc_client, upstream_rpc_server,
dummy_msg, dummy_daemon):
frames = [upstream_rpc_client.uuid, nrm.messaging.msg2wire(dummy_msg)]
assert dummy_daemon.called
assert dummy_daemon.msg == dummy_msg
assert dummy_daemon.client == upstream_rpc_client.uuid
def test_pub_server_send(upstream_pub_server, dummy_msg):
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