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[bugfix] status-based Traceback on `cmd run` invocations

This converts the return status to int before running the
introspection logic and fixes the issue.
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......@@ -171,13 +171,14 @@ class CommandLineInterface(object):
logger.error("unexpected message: %r", msg)
if outeof and erreof and state == 'exiting':
state = 'exit'
istatus = int(exitmsg.status)"command ended: %r", exitmsg)
if os.WIFSIGNALED(exitmsg.status):
if os.WIFSIGNALED(istatus):
logger.error("command ended due to signal %s" %
elif os.WIFEXITED(exitmsg.status):
s = int(os.WTERMSIG(exitmsg.status))
elif os.WIFEXITED(istatus):
s = int(os.WTERMSIG(istatus))
if s > 0:
logger.debug("command ended with exit code %s" %
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