Commit 75df2004 authored by Swann Perarnau's avatar Swann Perarnau

[refactor] use downstream messaging layer

Replace the downstream API handling by the new messaging layer. Not that
we don't have a clean way to deal with dynamic concurrency control using
this API, so we disable the handling of it for now.
parent 0bae924d
......@@ -61,8 +61,8 @@ class Application(object):
def update_phase_context(self, msg):
"""Update the phase contextual information."""
id = int(msg['cpu'])
self.phase_contexts[id] = {k: int(msg[k]) for k in ('startcompute',
id = msg.cpu
self.phase_contexts[id] = {k: getattr(msg, k) for k in ('startcompute',
'endcompute', 'startbarrier', 'endbarrier')}
self.phase_contexts[id]['set'] = True
......@@ -77,10 +77,10 @@ class ApplicationManager(object):
def register(self, msg, container):
"""Register a new downstream application."""
uuid = msg['uuid']
container_uuid = msg['container']
progress = msg['progress']
threads = msg['threads']
uuid = msg.application_uuid
container_uuid = msg.container_uuid
progress = 0
threads = False
phase_contexts = dict()
phase_context_keys = ['set', 'startcompute', 'endcompute',
'startbarrier', 'endbarrier']
......@@ -5,16 +5,15 @@ from containers import ContainerManager
from controller import Controller, ApplicationActuator, PowerActuator
from powerpolicy import PowerPolicyManager
from functools import partial
import json
import logging
import os
from resources import ResourceManager
from sensor import SensorManager
import signal
import zmq
from zmq.eventloop import ioloop, zmqstream
from zmq.eventloop import ioloop
from nrm.messaging import MSGTYPES
from nrm.messaging import UpstreamRPCServer, UpstreamPubServer
from nrm.messaging import UpstreamRPCServer, UpstreamPubServer, \
RPC_MSG = MSGTYPES['up_rpc_rep']
PUB_MSG = MSGTYPES['up_pub']
......@@ -28,45 +27,30 @@ class Daemon(object): = 100.0
self.config = config
def do_downstream_receive(self, parts):"receiving downstream message: %r", parts)
if len(parts) != 1:
logger.error("unexpected msg length, dropping it: %r", parts)
msg = json.loads(parts[0])
if isinstance(msg, dict):
msgtype = msg.get('type')
event = msg.get('event')
if msgtype is None or msgtype != 'application' or event is None:
logger.error("wrong message format: %r", msg)
if event == 'start':
cid = msg['container']
def do_downstream_receive(self, msg, client):"receiving downstream message: %r", msg)
if msg.type == 'application_start':
cid = msg.container_uuid
container = self.container_manager.containers[cid]
self.application_manager.register(msg, container)
elif event == 'threads':
uuid = msg['uuid']
if uuid in self.application_manager.applications:
app = self.application_manager.applications[uuid]
elif event == 'progress':
uuid = msg['uuid']
elif msg.type == 'progress':
uuid = msg.container_uuid
if uuid in self.application_manager.applications:
app = self.application_manager.applications[uuid]
elif event == 'phase_context':
uuid = msg['uuid']
elif msg.type == 'phase_context':
uuid = msg.application_uuid
if uuid in self.application_manager.applications:
app = self.application_manager.applications[uuid]
c = self.container_manager.containers[app.cid]
if c.power['policy']:
elif event == 'exit':
uuid = msg['uuid']
elif msg.type == 'application_exit':
uuid = msg.application_uuid
if uuid in self.application_manager.applications:
logger.error("unknown event: %r", event)
logger.error("unknown msg: %r", msg)
def do_upstream_receive(self, msg, client):
......@@ -267,32 +251,22 @@ class Daemon(object):
upstream_rpc_port = 3456
# setup application listening socket
context = zmq.Context()
downstream_pub_socket = context.socket(zmq.PUB)
downstream_sub_socket = context.socket(zmq.SUB)
downstream_pub_param = "ipc:///tmp/nrm-downstream-out"
downstream_sub_param = "ipc:///tmp/nrm-downstream-in"
downstream_event_param = "ipc:///tmp/nrm-downstream-event"
upstream_pub_param = "tcp://%s:%d" % (bind_address, upstream_pub_port)
upstream_rpc_param = "tcp://%s:%d" % (bind_address, upstream_rpc_port)
downstream_sub_filter = ""
downstream_sub_socket.setsockopt(zmq.SUBSCRIBE, downstream_sub_filter)
self.downstream_event = DownstreamEventServer(downstream_event_param)
self.upstream_pub_server = UpstreamPubServer(upstream_pub_param)
self.upstream_rpc_server = UpstreamRPCServer(upstream_rpc_param)"downstream pub socket bound to: %s", downstream_pub_param)"downstream sub socket bound to: %s", downstream_sub_param)"downstream event socket bound to: %s",
downstream_event_param)"upstream pub socket bound to: %s", upstream_pub_param)"upstream rpc socket connected to: %s", upstream_rpc_param)
# register socket triggers
self.downstream_sub = zmqstream.ZMQStream(downstream_sub_socket)
# create a stream to let ioloop deal with blocking calls on HWM
self.downstream_pub = zmqstream.ZMQStream(downstream_pub_socket)
# create managers
self.resource_manager = ResourceManager(hwloc=self.config.hwloc)
......@@ -53,6 +53,11 @@ MSGFORMATS['down_event'] = {'application_start':
{'application_uuid': basestring},
'progress': {'payload': int},
'phase_context': {'cpu': int,
'startcompute': int,
'endcompute': int,
'startbarrier': int,
'endbarrier': int},
# Mirror of the message formats, using namedtuples as the actual transport
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