Commit 442d31f6 authored by Sridutt Bhalachandra's avatar Sridutt Bhalachandra
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[fix] Ensure that first N resources are always returned

Fixes NRM not returning the first N resources (cpu and memory). This
is important for reproducibility and reducing variation
parent 33316192
......@@ -28,11 +28,11 @@ class ResourceManager(object):
# - cpus are exclusive
# - memories exclusive if more than one left
if len(self.available.cpus) >= request.cpus:
retcpus = self.available.cpus[:request.cpus]
retcpus = sorted(self.available.cpus)[:request.cpus]
retcpus = []
if len(self.available.mems) > 1:
retmems = self.available.mems[:request.mems]
retmems = sorted(self.available.mems)[:request.mems]
retmems = self.available.mems
ret = resources(retcpus, retmems)
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