Commit 0b0ab966 authored by Swann Perarnau's avatar Swann Perarnau

[refactor] replace upstream comms with msg layer

Replace the fragile upstream communications with the new messaging
layer, improving the stability and performance of this API.

NOTE: this breaks previous clients
NOTE: this patch is missing client tracking, to handle children signals.
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......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ class ContainerManager(object):
command = request['file']
args = request['args']
environ = request['environ']
ucontainername = request['ucontainername']
ucontainername = request['uuid']"run: manifest file: %s", manifestfile)"run: command: %s", command)"run: args: %r", args)
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......@@ -24,7 +24,8 @@ MSGFORMATS['up_rpc_req'] = {'list': {},
'run': {'manifest': basestring,
'path': basestring,
'args': list,
'container_uuid': basestring},
'container_uuid': basestring,
'environ': dict},
'kill': {'container_uuid': basestring},
'setpower': {'limit': basestring},
......@@ -40,6 +41,9 @@ MSGFORMATS['up_rpc_rep'] = {'start': {'container_uuid': basestring,
'exit': {'container_uuid': basestring,
'status': basestring,
'profile_data': dict},
'process_start': {'container_uuid': basestring},
'process_exit': {'container_uuid': basestring,
'status': basestring},
'getpower': {'limit': basestring},
MSGFORMATS['up_pub'] = {'power': {'total': int, 'limit': float}}
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