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    [feature] Pull the Argus code into the NRM · 92290b22
    Swann Perarnau authored
    The Argus (globalos) launcher had prototype code to read a container
    manifest, create a container using Judi's code, and map resources using
    This patch brings that code, almost intact, into the NRM repo. This code
    is quite ugly, and the resource mapping crashes if the kernel
    configuration isn't right. But it's still a good starting point, and we
    should be able to improve things little by little.
    One part in particular needs attention: SIGCHLD handling. We should
    think of using ioloop-provided facilities to avoid this mess.
    The patch also contains the associated CLI changes.
    Note: the messaging format is starting to be difficult to keep in check,
    as there's conversions and field checks all over the code. See #3 for
    a possible solution.
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