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    [Feature] Adds configuration management and environment variables · 25443c64
    Valentin Reis authored
    This commit adds a command-line interface to `daemon`:
    usage: daemon [-h] [-c FILE] [-d] [--nrm_log NRM_LOG] [--hwloc HWLOC]
                  [--argo_nodeos_config ARGO_NODEOS_CONFIG] [--perf PERF]
                  [--argo_perf_wrapper ARGO_PERF_WRAPPER]
    optional arguments:
      -h, --help            show this help message and exit
      -c FILE, --configuration FILE
                            Specify a config json-formatted config file to
                            override any of the available CLI options. If an
                            option is actually provided on the command-line, it
                            overrides its corresponding value from the
                            configuration file.
      -d, --print_defaults  Print the default configuration file.
      --nrm_log NRM_LOG     Main log file. Override default with the NRM_LOG.
                            environment variable
      --hwloc HWLOC         Path to the hwloc to use. This path can be relative
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