Commit 772df617 authored by Valentin Reis's avatar Valentin Reis

Merge branch 'application-uuid-progress' into 'master'

[feature] adding application uuid to progress messages.

See merge request !8
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......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ struct nrm_context {
#define NRM_START_FORMAT "{\"api\":\"down_event\", \"type\":\"application_start\", \"container_uuid\": \"%s\", \"application_uuid\": \"%s\"}"
#define NRM_PROGRESS_FORMAT "{\"api\":\"down_event\", \"type\":\"progress\", \"payload\": %lu}"
#define NRM_PROGRESS_FORMAT "{\"api\":\"down_event\", \"type\":\"progress\", \"payload\": %lu, \"application_uuid\": \"%s\"}"
#define NRM_PHASE_CONTEXT_FORMAT "{\"api\":\"down_event\",\"type\":\"phase_context\", \"cpu\": %u, \"aggregation\": %u, \"computetime\": %llu, \"totaltime\": %llu, \"application_uuid\": \"%s\"}"
#define NRM_EXIT_FORMAT "{\"api\": \"down_event\", \"type\":\"application_exit\"}"
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