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[doc] Improve style for README

Just realized that the blockquotes were not the right format for command
lists. Should be using code blocks instead.
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......@@ -15,15 +15,21 @@ install it.
Enter the pipenv environment:
> pipenv shell
pipenv shell
Install required packages
> pipenv install
pipenv install
Create the required secure.yaml file with your Chameleon credentials
> sed -e 's/USERNAME/myuser/g' -e 's/PASSWORD/mypass/g' secure.yaml.templ > secure.yaml
sed -e 's/USERNAME/myuser/g' -e 's/PASSWORD/mypass/g' secure.yaml.templ > secure.yaml
**DO NOT COMMIT THIS FILE** git will ignore it by default, but remember that
this repository is public and these are private credentials to Chameleon.
......@@ -39,8 +45,10 @@ The `` script contains a few commands to help you figure out if
your configuration is working properly, or access specific information about a
> ./ list-clouds
> ./ list-keys
./ list-clouds
./ list-keys
In general the scripts included in this repo are here to simplify access to the
openstack tools. But if you need to do something more complex, you can always
......@@ -59,20 +67,24 @@ in this repo.
allocations to the minimal amount of hours. You can always extend a lease if
> ./ list
> ./ create
> ./ show
> ./ delete
./ list
./ create
./ show
./ delete
# Appliance Management
Once a lease is active, you can manage an appliance on it.
> ./chi-appliance list
> ./chi-appliance create
> ./chi-appliance show
> ./chi-appliance configure
> ./chi-appliance delete
./ list
./ create
./ show
./ configure
./ delete
Note that `create` requires as a last argument a JSON-formatted dictionary of
additional template parameters. These parameters can be found in the
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