Commit 23b320ed authored by Valentin Reis's avatar Valentin Reis
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Merge branch 'shell-fix' into 'master'

[fix] Fixes the default nix shell to expose the nrm client.

See merge request !58
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......@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@ in mkShell {
in ''
export PYNRMSO=${pwd}/hsnrm/bin/
export NRMSO=${pwd}/hsnrm/bin/
export PATH=:${pwd}/pynrm/bin:${pwd}/hsnrm/bin/nrm:$PATH
export PATH=:${pwd}/pynrm/bin:${pwd}/hsnrm/bin:$PATH
export PYTHONPATH=${pwd}/pynrm/:$PYTHONPATH
export NIX_GHC="${haskellPackages.hsnrm.env.NIX_GHC}"
export NIX_GHCPKG="${haskellPackages.hsnrm.env.NIX_GHCPKG}"
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