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Renamed citerator to excit.

parent 34e5a4b6
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
# are we in the right source dir ?
# build artefacts in separate dir
libexcit_la_SOURCES = citerators.c citerators.h
libexcit_la_SOURCES = excit.c excit.h
include_HEADERS = citerators.h
include_HEADERS = excit.h
#define CITERATORS_H 1
enum citerator_type_e {
typedef struct citerator_s *citerator_t;
typedef int citerator_index_t;
citerator_t citerator_alloc(enum citerator_type_e type);
void citerator_free(citerator_t iterator);
citerator_t citerator_dup(const citerator_t iterator);
int citerator_type(citerator_t iterator, enum citerator_type_e *type);
int citerator_dimension(citerator_t iterator, citerator_index_t *dimension);
int citerator_next(citerator_t iterator, citerator_index_t *indexes);
int citerator_peek(const citerator_t iterator, citerator_index_t *indexes);
int citerator_size(const citerator_t iterator, citerator_index_t *size);
int citerator_rewind(citerator_t iterator);
int citerator_split(const citerator_t iterator, citerator_index_t n,
citerator_t *results);
int citerator_nth(const citerator_t iterator, citerator_index_t n,
citerator_index_t *indexes);
int citerator_n(const citerator_t iterator, const citerator_index_t *indexes,
citerator_index_t *n);
int citerator_pos(const citerator_t iterator, citerator_index_t *n);
int citerator_skip(citerator_t iterator);
int citerator_cyclic_next(citerator_t iterator, citerator_index_t *indexes,
int *looped);
int citerator_range_init(citerator_t iterator, citerator_index_t first,
citerator_index_t last, citerator_index_t step);
int citerator_cons_init(citerator_t iterator, citerator_t src,
citerator_index_t n);
int citerator_repeat_init(citerator_t iterator, citerator_t src,
citerator_index_t n);
int citerator_hilbert2d_init(citerator_t iterator, citerator_index_t order);
int citerator_product_add(citerator_t iterator, citerator_t added_iterator);
int citerator_product_add_copy(citerator_t iterator,
citerator_t added_iterator);
int citerator_product_count(const citerator_t iterator,
citerator_index_t *count);
int citerator_product_split_dim(const citerator_t iterator,
citerator_index_t dim, citerator_index_t n,
citerator_t *results);
int citerator_slice_init(citerator_t iterator, citerator_t src,
citerator_t indexer);
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#ifndef EXCIT_H
#define EXCIT_H 1
enum excit_type_e {
typedef struct excit_s *excit_t;
typedef ssize_t excit_index_t;
excit_t excit_alloc(enum excit_type_e type);
void excit_free(excit_t iterator);
excit_t excit_dup(const excit_t iterator);
int excit_type(excit_t iterator, enum excit_type_e *type);
int excit_dimension(excit_t iterator, excit_index_t *dimension);
int excit_next(excit_t iterator, excit_index_t *indexes);
int excit_peek(const excit_t iterator, excit_index_t *indexes);
int excit_size(const excit_t iterator, excit_index_t *size);
int excit_rewind(excit_t iterator);
int excit_split(const excit_t iterator, excit_index_t n,
excit_t *results);
int excit_nth(const excit_t iterator, excit_index_t n,
excit_index_t *indexes);
int excit_n(const excit_t iterator, const excit_index_t *indexes,
excit_index_t *n);
int excit_pos(const excit_t iterator, excit_index_t *n);
int excit_skip(excit_t iterator);
int excit_cyclic_next(excit_t iterator, excit_index_t *indexes,
int *looped);
int excit_range_init(excit_t iterator, excit_index_t first,
excit_index_t last, excit_index_t step);
int excit_cons_init(excit_t iterator, excit_t src,
excit_index_t n);
int excit_repeat_init(excit_t iterator, excit_t src,
excit_index_t n);
int excit_hilbert2d_init(excit_t iterator, excit_index_t order);
int excit_product_add(excit_t iterator, excit_t added_iterator);
int excit_product_add_copy(excit_t iterator,
excit_t added_iterator);
int excit_product_count(const excit_t iterator,
excit_index_t *count);
int excit_product_split_dim(const excit_t iterator,
excit_index_t dim, excit_index_t n,
excit_t *results);
int excit_slice_init(excit_t iterator, excit_t src,
excit_t indexer);
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ AM_COLOR_TESTS = yes
AM_CFLAGS = -I$(top_srcdir)/src
AM_LDFLAGS = ../src/
UNIT_TESTS = citerators
UNIT_TESTS = excit
# all tests
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