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Removed excit_index_t and replaced it with its native type ssize_t.

parent 6cbc225a
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......@@ -21,51 +21,38 @@ enum excit_error_e {
typedef struct excit_s *excit_t;
typedef ssize_t excit_index_t;
excit_t excit_alloc(enum excit_type_e type);
void excit_free(excit_t iterator);
excit_t excit_dup(const excit_t iterator);
excit_t excit_dup(const excit_t it);
void excit_free(excit_t it);
int excit_type(excit_t iterator, enum excit_type_e *type);
int excit_dimension(excit_t iterator, excit_index_t *dimension);
int excit_type(excit_t it, enum excit_type_e *type);
int excit_dimension(excit_t it, ssize_t *dimension);
int excit_next(excit_t iterator, excit_index_t *indexes);
int excit_peek(const excit_t iterator, excit_index_t *indexes);
int excit_size(const excit_t iterator, excit_index_t *size);
int excit_rewind(excit_t iterator);
int excit_split(const excit_t iterator, excit_index_t n,
excit_t *results);
int excit_nth(const excit_t iterator, excit_index_t n,
excit_index_t *indexes);
int excit_n(const excit_t iterator, const excit_index_t *indexes,
excit_index_t *n);
int excit_pos(const excit_t iterator, excit_index_t *n);
int excit_next(excit_t it, ssize_t *indexes);
int excit_peek(const excit_t it, ssize_t *indexes);
int excit_size(const excit_t it, ssize_t *size);
int excit_rewind(excit_t it);
int excit_split(const excit_t it, ssize_t n, excit_t *results);
int excit_nth(const excit_t it, ssize_t n, ssize_t *indexes);
int excit_n(const excit_t it, const ssize_t *indexes, ssize_t *n);
int excit_pos(const excit_t it, ssize_t *n);
int excit_skip(excit_t iterator);
int excit_cyclic_next(excit_t iterator, excit_index_t *indexes,
int *looped);
int excit_skip(excit_t it);
int excit_cyclic_next(excit_t it, ssize_t *indexes, int *looped);
int excit_range_init(excit_t iterator, excit_index_t first,
excit_index_t last, excit_index_t step);
int excit_range_init(excit_t it, ssize_t first, ssize_t last, ssize_t step);
int excit_cons_init(excit_t iterator, excit_t src,
excit_index_t n);
int excit_cons_init(excit_t it, excit_t src, ssize_t n);
int excit_repeat_init(excit_t iterator, excit_t src,
excit_index_t n);
int excit_repeat_init(excit_t it, excit_t src, ssize_t n);
int excit_hilbert2d_init(excit_t iterator, excit_index_t order);
int excit_hilbert2d_init(excit_t it, ssize_t order);
int excit_product_add(excit_t iterator, excit_t added_iterator);
int excit_product_add_copy(excit_t iterator,
excit_t added_iterator);
int excit_product_count(const excit_t iterator,
excit_index_t *count);
int excit_product_split_dim(const excit_t iterator,
excit_index_t dim, excit_index_t n,
excit_t *results);
int excit_product_add(excit_t it, excit_t added_it);
int excit_product_add_copy(excit_t it, excit_t added_it);
int excit_product_count(const excit_t it, ssize_t *count);
int excit_product_split_dim(const excit_t it, ssize_t dim, ssize_t n,
excit_t *results);
int excit_slice_init(excit_t iterator, excit_t src,
excit_t indexer);
int excit_slice_init(excit_t it, excit_t src, excit_t indexer);
This diff is collapsed.
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