Commit c16f13a8 authored by Kamil Iskra's avatar Kamil Iskra

[fix] Fixes issue #4

We need to sleep for 1s after killing processes and before we attempt to
remove a container.  However, the sleep was done too early.
parent 80cc57b0
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...@@ -1076,14 +1076,14 @@ void Container_manager::clean_config(string command) ...@@ -1076,14 +1076,14 @@ void Container_manager::clean_config(string command)
_containers[i]->check_task_ownership(true, true); _containers[i]->check_task_ownership(true, true);
} }
vector<Argo_container*>::iterator it; vector<Argo_container*>::iterator it;
for(it = _containers.begin(); it != _containers.end(); it++) for(it = _containers.begin(); it != _containers.end(); it++)
{ {
if(kill_content) if(kill_content)
(*it)->kill_content(false); (*it)->kill_content(false);
(*it)->remove(); (*it)->remove();
delete *it; delete *it;
} }
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