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A-Daemon mode (--daemon, needs a client)
-Beacause the startup might be a bit heavy; the deamon mode is recommended
when the config is expected to keep changing. The daemon is expected to run
on the serviceOS
B- Each new supported resource controller leads to the implementation of two
-IResource_controller: A container aggregates some of this
-IResource_controller_state: the container manager aggregates these and
keeps acocunting and all
1-)Build with make
Be root while building (or make sure that the final binary is owned by root)
2-)Execute ./argo_nodeos_config --help="misc help_sections"; read the message and
start aving fun. The full help can be displayed by simply executing
./argo_nodeos_config --help
# Argo Containers
Argo Containers are a *resource isolation* facility built on top of the
`cgroup` interface of the Linux kernel.
These are not your typical containers. We do not support namespaces, `chroot` or
any of the usual "virtualization" facilities regularly associated with
containers. Instead, we focus on the ability to limit how a group of process
can access the cpu, memory and other resources of the system.
This is considered pre-alpha software. As we evolve our vision for this
project, the current implementation is likely to undergo major API changes.
## Roadmap
Our plan is to slowly transform this tool into a C library for resource
isolation (higher-level than libcgroup) and a companion binary able to isolate
a group of process, while providing compatibility with
Docker/Rkt/Shifter/Singularity containers.
## Requirements
- Linux kernel with cgroups v1 (v2 untested for now)
- C++11 compiler
## Compiling from repository
You will need to make the binary owned by root for it to work.
## Documentation
Your best hope is the --help on the main binary.
## Additional Info
|**Argo NodeOS: Toward Unified Resource Management for Exascale**
| Swann Perarnau, Judicael A. Zounmevo, Matthieu Dreher, Brian C. Van Essen, Roberto Gioiosa, Kamil Iskra, Maya B. Gokhale, Kazutomo Yoshii, Pete Beckman
| In *IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS)*, 2017
| **A Container-Based Approach to OS Specialization for Exascale Computing**
| Judicael A. Zounmevo, Swann Perarnau, Kamil Iskra, Kazutomo Yoshii, Roberto Gioiosa, Brian C. Van Essen, Maya B. Gokhale, Edgar A. Leon
| In *International Workshop on Container Technologies and Container Clouds (WoC)*, 2015.
attach //attach a process or a set of processes
detach //detach a process or a set of processes
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