Commit 0e4ac8c8 authored by Valentin Reis's avatar Valentin Reis
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ci fix

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...@@ -6,8 +6,10 @@ stages: ...@@ -6,8 +6,10 @@ stages:
local-nix-build: local-nix-build:
stage: main stage: main
script: nix-build -I argopkgs=$ARGOPKGS -E '(import <argopkgs> {}).argotk.overrideAttrs (old: {src=./.;})' script:
tags: integration - nix-build -I argopkgs=$ARGOPKGS -E '(import <argopkgs> {}).argotk.overrideAttrs (old: {src=./.;})'
- integration
repoquality: repoquality:
stage: main stage: main
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