Commit fbcad6bf authored by Valentin Reis's avatar Valentin Reis
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[ Fix ] Pinning referencing for hydra

parent 1a30b267
{stdenv, fetchgit, fetchgitPrivate}:
gitpin = f: fetchgit {inherit (stdenv.lib.importJSON f) url sha256 rev fetchSubmodules;};
gitpinpriv = f: fetchgitPrivate {inherit (stdenv.lib.importJSON f) url sha256 rev fetchSubmodules;};
in {
nrm = {
bandit = gitpinpriv ./nrm/bandit.json;
master = gitpinpriv ./nrm/master.json;
containers = {
nix = gitpinpriv ./containers/nix.json;
master = gitpinpriv ./containers/master.json;
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