Commit e0a680b4 authored by Valentin Reis's avatar Valentin Reis
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argonix pinning

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......@@ -2,8 +2,8 @@
"fetch": {
"args": {
"fetchSubmodules": false,
"rev": "de35757aa583086c9e42fdb2d580d5d0e82a4e83",
"sha256": "10kmzim6gshpi6xzf7wldcjk3v2hx1f3m5v0ncjxfpkz7panslfl",
"rev": "e248b823214e418d6728ab3a2360b055952652cf",
"sha256": "0ngj15hr81g0f16x39bzvp43jdzv11qp1gpydpk80i4l63sgfmyk",
"url": ""
"fn": "fetchgit"
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