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......@@ -2,13 +2,15 @@
- set of nix expressions to package argo (`pkgs`,`lib`)
- set of [Nix]( expressions to package argo (`pkgs`,`lib`)
- gitlab ci files, wich are imported in turn by other repositories (`gitlab-ci`)
- nixos configuratoin for deploying gitlab runners (`deployments`,`modules`)
- nrm integration test dhall configuration for [dhrun]( (`dhrun`)
these things are maintained, the master branch is a rolling dependency for ci.
- nixos configuratin for deploying gitlab runners for [nixOps]( (`deployments`,`modules`)
the first three items are maintained on the master branch and constitute a rolling dependency for continuous integration.
## setup
......@@ -22,15 +24,3 @@ package install via an attribute name from `pkgs/default.nix`:
nix-env -f argopkgs="" -iA <attribute name>
## structure
- `pkgs`: nix packages for argo components, applications, internal tools.
- `lib`: some supporting nix expressions
- `deployments`, `modules`: nixops CI server deployment related code.
- `.gitlab-ci.yml`: CI file.
- `dhrun`: dhrun async execution files for nrm tests (used by gitlab-ci)
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