Commit c7553bfb authored by Valentin Reis's avatar Valentin Reis
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Refactoring libnrm

parent 6fe40118
"url": "",
"rev": "d8f06ac626e7b64636c2756471c661de90aff2f9",
"date": "2018-08-23T16:24:36-05:00",
"sha256": "0n4bc29x9ngp7dv5np69bjg4nqbmqn93szpd6czzhs1r89wz0pdh",
"rev": "b46302e20edc4fa55613652a23d6f4f4a318748f",
"date": "2018-11-01T15:42:05-05:00",
"sha256": "1pwg2cm4yabw0kny83jklgssws1yr96g2f85lly5k8n50ama4ajp",
"fetchSubmodules": true
#!/usr/bin/env bash
nix-prefetch-git refs/heads/master > default.json
nix-prefetch-git refs/heads/autotools-and-cleanup > default.json
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