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lammps, libnrm pins.

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......@@ -3,5 +3,5 @@
"rev": "b47e49223377d4ff6779e712bae54bbddc3596cf",
"date": "2018-08-22T08:45:41-06:00",
"sha256": "1dlifm9wm1jcw2zwal3fnzzl41ng08c7v48w6hx2mz84zljg1nsj",
"fetchSubmodules": true
"fetchSubmodules": false
"url": "",
"rev": "1288b0511836a96a3a27534ca1ead1edb4336534",
"date": "2019-02-12T14:49:29-06:00",
"sha256": "1fizyq745rh7dgljb14cavqzyndbnx851za4qvk96xn9mzyf615v",
"rev": "290141c58162cf06946df24be7e966e64d54a831",
"date": "2019-02-13T16:53:27-06:00",
"sha256": "1p47ajy672wfyspwy7h9zrx7axlb2jjd3yiq1j5awcaf9m261mxy",
"fetchSubmodules": false
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