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......@@ -33,3 +33,19 @@ package install via an attribute name from `pkgs/default.nix`:
nix-env -f argopkgs="" -iA <attribute name>
## gitlab runners
these are deployed via NixOps:
- defined in file [deployments/ci.nix](deployments/ci.nix)
- deployment state is in `deployments/argo.nixops`.
- there are four shell scripts in [deployments/](deployments/) that can be used to redeploy, reboot, and restart systemd services.
- access is granted to all keys in [deployment/keys](deployment/keys)
The gitlab-runner service is called "gitlab-runner2" on the machines. That
systemd service registers runners on ExecStart and unregisters them on
ExecStop, so excess IPs will have to be merged manually from the gitlab
in case runner hosts are rebooted.
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