Commit 16a56e18 authored by Valentin Reis's avatar Valentin Reis
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bump nrm

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......@@ -2,13 +2,13 @@
"fetch": {
"args": {
"fetchSubmodules": false,
"rev": "cd1d86b30e13aabeacc782075f0dafe957fc7aed",
"rev": "9b2d4452c4d23b8ecece56157406e50c54d778f1",
"sha256": "1vhx340mkvag11qfiwcm6dkqs4qf5laqfi1zmh0pr1f6pyqn1l62",
"url": ""
"fn": "fetchgit"
"rev": "refs/heads/nrm-gen",
"rev": "refs/heads/master",
"type": "fetchgit",
"url": ""
\ No newline at end of file
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