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adds argonix-share

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......@@ -97,10 +97,10 @@ let
argotkPkgs = import "${fetched}/default.nix" {pkgs=pkgs;};
in argotkPkgs.argotk;
argonix =
argonixPgs =
let fetched = (pkgs.nix-update-source.fetch argonix/master.json).src;
argonixPkgs = import "${fetched}/default.nix" {pkgs=pkgs;};
in argonixPkgs.argonix;
in import "${fetched}/default.nix" {pkgs=pkgs;};
argonix = argonixPkgs.argonix;
argonix-share = argonixPkgs.share;
in pkgs // argopkgs
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