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......@@ -25,6 +25,13 @@ Output:
argonix --help
argonix shell --help
```{.txt pipe="sh"}
argonix shell --help
### Hacking
- `nix-shell` provides cabal-build, ghcid, hlint
......@@ -34,7 +34,47 @@ Available options:
Available commands:
build Run an argo-compatible nix-build.
shell Enter an argo-compatable nix-shell
shell Enter an argo-compatible nix-shell
``` {.bash}
argonix shell --help
``` {.txt}
Usage: argonix shell TARGET [--argopkgs ARGOPKGS] [-v|--verbose]
[-a|--provision_apps] [-r|--remote_build]
[--retreive RELATIVE_PATH] [--retreiveAs LOCAL_PATH]
[--target_machine USER@HOST] [--aml PATH] [--libnrm PATH]
[--nrm PATH] [--containers PATH] [--argotk PATH]
[--amg PATH] [--lammps PATH] [--qmcpack PATH]
[--stream PATH] [--openmc PATH] [--run COMMAND]
Enter an argo-compatible nix-shell
Available options:
TARGET The build target.
--argopkgs ARGOPKGS Nix expression that produces the argopkgs source
path. (default: "<argopkgs>")
-v,--verbose Enable verbose mode
-a,--provision_apps Build and provision applications.
-r,--remote_build Build on the remote rather than locally.
--retreive RELATIVE_PATH File/Folder to retreive from the remote machine.
--retreiveAs LOCAL_PATH File/Folder to save retreived data as (locally).
--target_machine USER@HOST
Target machine. defaults to localhost via forking.
--aml PATH aml source folder override.
--libnrm PATH libnrm source folder override.
--nrm PATH nrm source folder override.
--containers PATH containers source folder override.
--argotk PATH argotk source folder override.
--amg PATH amg source folder override.
--lammps PATH lammps source folder override.
--qmcpack PATH qmcpack source folder override.
--stream PATH stream source folder override.
--openmc PATH openmc source folder override.
--run COMMAND Command to run the environment instead of an
interactive shell
-h,--help Show this help text
### Hacking
......@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@ main = do
<> command
(info (wrap NixShell <$> targetParser <*> executorParser)
(progDesc "Enter an argo-compatable nix-shell")
(progDesc "Enter an argo-compatible nix-shell")
<> help "Type of operation to run."
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