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correct some more broken or outdated links

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......@@ -80,8 +80,8 @@ per-timestep CPU cost, FFTs are only a portion of long-range
Coulombics, and 1d FFTs are only a portion of the FFT cost (parallel
communication can be costly). A breakdown of these timings is printed
to the screen at the end of a run using the "kspace_style
pppm"_kspace_style.html command. The "Run output"_doc page gives more
pppm"_kspace_style.html command. The "Run output"_Run_output.html
doc page gives more details.
FFTW is a fast, portable FFT library that should also work on any
platform and can be faster than the KISS FFT library. You can
......@@ -1582,8 +1582,6 @@ molecular visualization and analysis program, to enable LAMMPS to dump
snapshots in formats compatible with various molecular simulation
To use this package you must have the desired VMD plugins available on
your system.
......@@ -1635,6 +1633,7 @@ tools:
"AtomEye"_atomeye (the libAtoms version of AtomEye contains a NetCDF reader not present in the standard distribution) :ul
[Author:] Lars Pastewka (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology).
......@@ -1998,3 +1997,5 @@ src/USER-VTK: filenames -> commands
"dump vtk"_dump_vtk.html :ul
......@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ Package, Description, Doc page, Example, Library
"USER-MGPT"_Packages_details.html#PKG-USER-MGPT, fast MGPT multi-ion potentials, "pair_style mgpt"_pair_mgpt.html, USER/mgpt, no
"USER-MISC"_Packages_details.html#PKG-USER-MISC, single-file contributions, USER-MISC/README, USER/misc, no
"USER-MOFFF"_Packages_details.html#PKG-USER-MOFFF, styles for "MOF-FF"_MOFplus force field, "pair_style buck6d/coul/gauss"_pair_buck6d_coul_gauss.html, USER/mofff, no
"USER-MOLFILE"_Packages_details.html#PKG-USER-MOLFILE, "VMD"_vmd_home molfile plug-ins,"dump molfile"_dump_molfile.html, n/a, ext
"USER-MOLFILE"_Packages_details.html#PKG-USER-MOLFILE, "VMD"_ molfile plug-ins,"dump molfile"_dump_molfile.html, n/a, ext
"USER-NETCDF"_Packages_details.html#PKG-USER-NETCDF, dump output via NetCDF,"dump netcdf"_dump_netcdf.html, n/a, ext
"USER-OMP"_Packages_details.html#PKG-USER-OMP, OpenMP-enabled styles,"Speed omp"_Speed_omp.html, "Benchmarks"_, no
"USER-PHONON"_Packages_details.html#PKG-USER-PHONON, phonon dynamical matrix,"fix phonon"_fix_phonon.html, USER/phonon, no
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