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......@@ -224,6 +224,8 @@ int aml_layout_row_slice_native(const struct aml_layout_data *data,
const size_t *dims,
const size_t *strides);
void aml_layout_dense_print(FILE *stream, char *prefix,
const struct aml_layout_dense *);
* Pre-existing operators for dense layout
......@@ -567,12 +567,17 @@ struct aml_layout_ops aml_layout_row_ops = {
void aml_layout_dense_print(FILE *stream, char *prefix,
const struct aml_layout_dense *layout)
fprintf(stream, "%s: layout-dense: %p\n", prefix, layout);
if(layout == NULL)
fprintf(stream, "%s: ptr: %p\n", prefix, layout->ptr);
fprintf(stream, "%s: ndims: %zu\n", prefix, layout->ndims);
for(size_t i = 0; i < layout->ndims; i++) {
fprintf(stream, "%s: %8zu: %8zu %8zu %8zu %8zu\n", prefix,
fprintf(stream, "%s: %16zu: %16zu %16zu %16zu %16zu\n", prefix,
i, layout->dims[i], layout->stride[i],
layout->pitch[i], layout->cpitch[i]);
fprintf(stream, "%s: %8zu: %8s %8s %8s %8zu\n", prefix, layout->ndims,
fprintf(stream, "%s: %16zu: %16s %16s %16s %16zu\n", prefix, layout->ndims,
"NA", "NA", "NA", layout->cpitch[layout->ndims]);
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