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......@@ -47,12 +47,12 @@ int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
aml_area_linux_create(&fast, &fastb, AML_AREA_LINUX_POLICY_BIND);
assert(fast != NULL);
double *a = (double *)aml_area_mmap(slow, block_count*M*K, NULL);
double *b = (double *)aml_area_mmap(slow, block_count*K*N, NULL);
double *c = (double *)aml_area_mmap(slow, block_count*M*N, NULL);
double *a_fast = (double *)aml_area_mmap(fast, M*K, NULL);
double *b_fast = (double *)aml_area_mmap(fast, K*N, NULL);
double *c_fast = (double *)aml_area_mmap(fast, M*N, NULL);
double *a = (double *)aml_area_mmap(slow, sizeof(double)*block_count*M*K, NULL);
double *b = (double *)aml_area_mmap(slow, sizeof(double)*block_count*K*N, NULL);
double *c = (double *)aml_area_mmap(slow, sizeof(double)*block_count*M*N, NULL);
double *a_fast = (double *)aml_area_mmap(fast, sizeof(double)*M*K, NULL);
double *b_fast = (double *)aml_area_mmap(fast, sizeof(double)*K*N, NULL);
double *c_fast = (double *)aml_area_mmap(fast, sizeof(double)*M*N, NULL);
size_t a_dims[] = {block_number*M, block_number*K};
size_t b_dims[] = {block_number*K, block_number*N};
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