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Fixes in replicaset doxygen.

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......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ extern "C" {
* @defgroup aml_replicaset "AML Replicaset"
* @brief Maintain a copy of a data in several areas.
* Replicaset is a building block on top of areas and dmas to
* Replicaset is a building block on top of areas to
* maintain a manage coherency of several copies of a data in several areas.
* @{
......@@ -49,8 +49,8 @@ struct aml_replicaset {
* aml_area_ops is a structure containing implementations
* of area operations.
* aml_replicaset_ops is a structure containing implementations
* of replicaset operations.
* Users may create or modify implementations by assembling
* appropriate operations in such a structure.
......@@ -59,10 +59,7 @@ struct aml_replicaset_ops {
* Initialize replicas of a replicaset with some data.
* @param replicaset[in]: The replicaset holding copies.
* @param data[in]: The data to copy.
* @param size[in]: The size of data top copy.
* @param dma[in]: An array of copy functions to copy original data to
*each replica.
* @return A negative AML error code.
* @return An AML error code.
int (*init)(struct aml_replicaset *replicaset, const void *data);
......@@ -43,9 +43,11 @@ struct aml_replicaset_hwloc_data {
/** Number of initiators */
unsigned num_ptr;
* Array of pointers to replica.
* Array of pointers to replicas.
* Contains one pointer per initiator of the topology.
* Pointers or arranged per initiator logical index.
* Pointers are ordered by initiator logical index.
* Multiple initiators may have the same pointer, e.g
* two neighbor cores pointing to data on closest NUMA node.
void **ptr;
......@@ -54,14 +56,19 @@ struct aml_replicaset_hwloc_data {
extern struct aml_replicaset_ops aml_replicaset_hwloc_ops;
* Create data stored in generic replicaset structure.
* Create a replicaset abstraction where initiator can query the
* closest replica based on `kind` criterion.
* The replicaset is not initialized, i.e the replica pointers are
* allocated but are not initialized.
* @param out[out]: A pointer where to allocate the replicaset.
* @param size[in]: Size of replicas in bytes.
* @param initiator_type[in]: One replica per initiator of this type will be
* be created. Initiators must have a non empty cpuset.
* @param initiator_type[in]: The type of topology object used to
* compute distance to NUMA nodes. A list of unique NUMA nodes is computed
* where each initiator point to the closest NUMA Node. For each NUMA node
* in this list, a replica pointer is created.
* @param kind[in]: A the kind of distance in topology to use. The NUMANODEs
* maximizing performance for the criterion will be used for allocating
* replicas.
* @return -AML_ENOMEM if there was not enough memory to satisfy this call.
* @return -AML EINVAL if initiators does not contain a cpuset.
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