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    [feature] add area options on mmap · c3a501b9
    Nicolas Denoyelle authored
    ## Change area mmap interface to include implementation specific options.
    ### Summary of changes in mmap interface
    Previous mmap interface was:
    int aml_area_mmap(struct aml_area *area, void*ptr, size_t size);
    First, in this interface, the purpose of ptr is fuzzy as it is implementation specific and neither
    the user nor aml generic interface knows what to do with it in a generic way.
    Second, this interface does not allow for extensive options. In particular, linux mmap allow
    multiple arguments that cannot be elegantly passed with this interface.
    Instead we aml_mmap replace with this new interface:
    int aml_area_mmap(struct aml_area *area, size_t size, struct aml_area_options *options);
    Where the last field clearly state it is used for options and can always be NULL so that it can explicitly be used without knowledge of options implementation.
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