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# PMIX Vagrant Test Setup #
This is a vagrant configuration and provisioner for testing out PMIx. This is
built around the bento/CentOS-7 box.
built around the bento/CentOS-7 box. This setup supports both VirtualBox and
VMWare Workstation environments with the VMWare connector for Vagrant.
This setup contains builds of PMIx, PRRTE, and an OpenMPI master built against
the locally built PMIx and PRRTE.
## Setup ##
1. If you haven't done so install VirtualBox. Instructions are available here:
2. Install a Vagrant pacakage from here:
3. Clone the pmix-vagrant git repository:
git clone
4. Bring up the Vagrant box with _vagrant up_. Significant output about the VM
and image bring up will follow.
## Usage ##
1. Once the bring up has completed, you can see which environments are running
with _vagrant global-status_.
2. You may connect to the VM with _vagrant ssh_
3. Once connected, you should be able to build using the built MPI compilers and
run using _orterun_ from ~vagrant/openmpi-install.
## Notes ##
* The builds of PMIx, PRRTE, and OpenMPI were based on the following sites and
each repositories HACKING files:
* These were built with debugging enabled.
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